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Winter War Budget Decks

The War is upon us! And while it is best to go into battle prepared, we can only fight with the army we have, not the one we want. Thankfully, the backbone of Mythgard decks has always rested in it's commons and uncommons. With each new expansion I feel the gap in power between "budget" and "complete" decks is actually decreasing.

The collection of decks below contain only a few rares and no mythics. So whether you are new to the game, a returning player looking to dive back in, or just looking for some ideas, hopefully these will give you a place to start. While I wouldn't necessarily strive to craft these exact lists, they should serve as a good reference point. These decks are well structured and in most cases budget versions of popular archetypes, so they are a good introduction to how these decks play.

For all the decks below I have bolded cards I consider "staples", These cards you should consider fairly safe crafts as they appear in numerous decks. Before you craft anything I also highly recommended completing the story missions as they provide several cards. Also, be sure to check out the New Player Guide it is an excellent primer.

name: B-Dead Snow

coverart: Arctic Pyre

path: rainbow's end

power: protect

4 cairnhenge

2 field of poppies

3 glory seeker

4 k-nine

4 arctic pyre

3 demolition speedway

3 higher ground

2 might of giants

4 valkyrie tough

2 freki sidecar

4 knoll of conquest

2 storm seer

3 valr smith

name: B-Rebel Alliance

coverart: Xerxian Recruiter

path: alliance command center

power: erode

4 eager recruit

4 storied martyr

2 wry trickster

4 xerxian agitator

2 xerxian recruiter

3 shadhavar beast

3 xerxian insurrectionist

3 xerxian sympathizer

2 peri at the gates

2 seal of exile

3 triennial patrol

4 racer in shadow

4 axe man

name: B-GP Constructs

coverart: Vodnik Junker

path: disk of circadia

power: smite

2 born-again

2 detained

3 k-nine handler

2 raid the tombs

3 vodnik junker

4 hopeless necromantic

2 led astray

3 vortex hovertank

2 ved'ma helicarrier

3 racer in shadow

3 simuzen

1 sniffer

2 axe man

2 night market

3 hotel barkeep

3 lantern colossus

name: B-GP Spells

coverart: Arclighter

path: turn of seasons

power: bolster

2 anhelli

3 dreni propagandist

3 media autocam

4 mothmara

3 volkov induction

4 detained

4 raid the tombs

2 led astray

2 ved'ma skyranger

4 mind freak

4 racer in shadow

3 hotel barkeep

2 arclighter

name: B-RY Aggro

path: alliance command center

power: infuse

4 doper

4 magpyre commando

3 thunderbird egg

4 grit instructor

3 yahui

4 ayotl vanguard

2 vicious cycle

3 instabeast

3 hysterical strength

4 ignition

4 daring trapezists

2 wings of abaddon

name: B-BY Control

coverart: Locked in Ice

path: rainbow's end

power: reconstruct

3 brittleblast

3 field of poppies

2 singing stone

4 arctic pyre

2 earthslide

4 knoll of conquest

2 storm seer

4 terra forma

2 locked in ice

3 corrode equipment

4 beimeni falls

3 serpent den

2 ollama ring

2 misanthropia

name: B-Canines

coverart: K-Nine Handler

path: coliseum of strife

power: mend

4 k-nine

2 berserkr sickness

4 sons of the pack

4 winter wolf

2 marching orders

4 pack trooper

3 circle of protection

3 k-nine handler

3 volkov pointman

4 volkov veteran

3 avenging alpha

4 volkov heavy

name: B-Spitfire

coverart: Sister Spitfire

path: journey of souls

power: infuse

4 ironflesh performer

3 sunken acolyte

3 vulcan brand

4 ankle biter

4 daring trapezists

3 panic raider

4 guise of phobos

3 sir shaggy the brave

4 racer in shadow

4 axe man

4 sister spitfire

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